Ford Headlights

Remove Oxidation From Vehicle Headlights

I’m not one to promote many products but this one was too good.  I’ve tried the red ball on an electric drill and was not impressed with the results.  It made my headlights look like vaseline had been smeared on them.

Until I tried Norwex…

Ford Headlights

My girlfriend recently became aware of Norwex, non-toxic cleaning products.  It took me all of 10 minutes to clean the oxidation from the headlights and foglights of our SUV.  All I used was the Norwex cleaning paste and one Envirocloth (microfiber cloth with silver woven into it for anti-bacterial and improved cleaning over regular microfiber cloths).

All it took was these ingredients in the cleaning paste:

  • Marble Flour
  • Chalk
  • Natural Soap
  • Traces of Coconut Oil

That’s it!  And all the other brand did was make a cloud of vaseline after draining two power drill batteries and 45 minutes of hard labor.

So needless to say she has since become a Norwex Consultant, so if you want to know more about what Norwex can do for you, click here and she will be  in touch.


  • your bathtub (porcelain, not acrylic) to get the “ring around the tub” off.
  • your bathroom (great for really stubborn soap scum, rust stains hard water spots and build up)
  • cleaning the sludge and stains from your kitchen sink (stainless steel) – especially down in the little drain part… you know, the section that turns all brown & gross?
  • getting burnt off crud from your smooth top stove.  Get your stove surface a bit wet.  Use a Norwex Eviro Cloth (or Spirisponge if the mess is bad) to scoop up a bit of the paste.  Scrub your stove until the gunk is gone!
  • cleaning burnt on food from Pyrex and glass baking dishes.
  • getting rid of stains on light colored counter tops (laminate), like coffee/tea cup ring stains, marker stains, and mystery stains.
  • coffee stained travel mugs…
  • stains in your microwave or fridge.
  • polishing your pots and pans, both stainless steel and brass.
  • cleaning the rust ring from the inside of your toilet bowl.
  • Etc., etc, etc.
Framed Mare Island Photo

Mare Island Images Available

Bending Brick and Steel
Bending Brick and Steel

Prints and Ready-to-hang Canvas Wraps of Mare Island are now available for purchase.  The two shown on this page are on display in downtown Vallejo at 310 Georgia Street, to the left of the Good Day Café.  Both images were developed on to canvas and stretched over a 1″ frame, illuminated after dark.

Framing Options

Over a dozen frames to choose from.  Contact me to let me know which frame you want or to discuss options before you purchase online.

Framed Mare Island Photo
Mare Island Dry Docks shown in Black Flat Frame