Add WiFi Control to Mitsubishi Mini-Split MSZ-GL/09/12/24/NA

Problem: You have an older, non-wifi mini-split and you want to add it to Apple Home or Home Assistant, Alexa, Google Home, etc…

Solution:  AIRZONE Aidoo WiFi Control

All you have to do is remove the outer shroud of the mini-split to expose the controller on the bottom right corner.  The Aidoo comes with a long cable that you’ll route in from the rear and plug into CN127 on the controller board.

This is also the same controller board that is a common failure point, you’ll turn your A/C or heat on one day and after a minute or so it’ll shutoff and the LED light will give a 3-flash blink code with a 2.5 second pause.   If found when this happens it’s a serial signal error.  The solution is to replace one or more of the following: PC controller board, the indoor power PC board, or the outdoor power PC board.  The cheapest is the indoor boards, I started with the controller board and lucked out.  The indoor power board isn’t too expensive but the outdoor power PC board was nearly $500 on eBay, and out of stock with other HVAC websites.


After you get the WiFi controller plugged in you can begin setup on your mobile device.  Download the AirZone Cloud from the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can then add the controller to Home Assistant.  There’s an integration for older versions but as of Home Assistant 2023.6, it’s integrated with the system.  Just add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: airzonecloud
    username: <your username>
    password: <your password>
Using the LCARS theme for Home Assistant

Restart Home Assistant and it’ll appear in your devices.

The AIRZONE Aidoo controllers are made in Spain, they’re found on Amazon at a reasonable price.

I know this model #AZAI6WSCMEL works with the MSZ-GL09NA, you can find out which model suits your AC unit on their website. If you don’t know your model #, it’s printed on a sticker that’s located underneath your A/C unit.

AirZone Control has a product finder right on their website

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