STE2 Monitor

STE2 Monitor is a windows service that communicates with the STE2 and will alert on alarm status via Email, SQL Database and TCP/IP

Current version allows for monitoring two separate devices via IP, each with two sensors and temperature probe.

Device names and inputs are labeled in the STE2 web config page and is understood by the service, as well as each of the inputs so they are easily identified in the email alerts.

Email alerts are sent immediately upon alarm condition being set.  A followup email is sent when the alarm condition has cleared.

Additional configuration for the service is made via ini file.


  • Dashboard display with alarm indicators
  • Wireless temperature monitoring
  • Remote cooler temperature monitoring
  • Remote freezer temperature monitoring
  • The DI contact alerts to improperly closed door or for security concerns, even wire to a float switch relay to warn of potential flood or water intrusion


See Also: STE2: Ethernet & WiFi Thermometer with Digital Inputs


STE2 Monitor GUI shown in Debug Mode
SQL Table of reported data


STE2 HTTP Config Page

Debug logging to text file is also included

STE2 Monitor designed/written by Ian Thurston
STE2 hardware is property of the HWgroup