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A portable power station, cordless car vacuum and vehicle jumpstart battery.  You likely need one of these, could make use of two, and you’ll likely want all three.

This is not a sponsored post.  I have personally purchased and used these items myself, and I quite like them.

Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station, 299Wh Backup Power Supply

This is a nice inverter battery pack to power my small camping trailer, charge USB devices, even use as a roadside night light.

I can plug the camper 110V into this battery to power the “house outlets” and trickle charge the house 12V battery.

Use the Fanttik EVO 100 Solar Panel to help minimize the power drain and top off the house battery when solar exceeds consumption.

It has a readout on the front to show load and charge. It’s only 299Wh so it won’t last forever on a charge but for the price, it’s a nice backup.

Amazon coupon discounts are regularly offered on this solar panel, sometimes up to $80 to $100 off.


Fanttik T8 1300 Amp Jump Starter, 12000mAh Car Battery Pack

I keep one of these in my car at all times.  I had a different brand but quickly found out that it would not jump start a car with a dead dead dead battery.  The Fanttik T8 will!  Just press the little “override” button (triangle with the !) for 3 seconds to enable.  It will start a car with completely dead battery. So long as your alternator works to keep the engine running!

It also has a USB-C Quick Charge port, large easy to read LCD display.  On a single charge I was able to make 4 to 5 jump starts on a Honda Civic. Once it hits about 80% charge the jump start function won’t work but you can still charge phones with the USB port.

Recommend adding the hard carrying case, unless you plan on keeping it stored in the cardboard box it comes in.


Fanttik V8 Mate Cordless Car Vacuum

This is a handy little vacuum to keep in the trunk, it comes with carrying bag, crevice tool on a flex hose, brush attachment and upholstery attachment.  It has two speeds, eco and fast.  Fast will drain the battery fairly quickly (~20 minutes constant use) but it has pretty good suction.  I was able to clean the carpets & seats in my daily driver on a single charge.

Takes roughly 2 hours to charge the battery from a dead state.  The canister will fill up fairly quickly but that’s to be expected given the size but it’s quick & easy to empty.

This is not a sponsored post.  I have personally purchased and used these items myself, and I quite like them.  I have posted Amazon Affiliate links so any purchase you make with these links will earn me a small credit.

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