Golf Cart Remote Kill Switch/Battery Meter Install


Update 2023-02-27: A little over a year later, it’s still working great!


To help prevent unauthorized use of a golf cart (where the same model uses a common key) here’s what I used to install a remote activation key fob, and a battery meter.

Images and Amazon links below, wiring diagram at bottom.  This write-up assumes you have electrical knowledge, and your EZGO is a 48V DC cart.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, stop now.  You can be injured by electrical discharge and other related hazards when working with batteries and electrical current.

Items needed

YETOR Remote on Amazon is only $25 and it seems pretty good.  Key FOB’s are a good size, nice sized buttons and have a good weight to them.  Be sure to get the 48V DC version.








And I installed this battery meter, as the cart did not come with one.  It has red (left), yellow (middle) and green (right) LED’s, each one indicating 10% (10 bars total).  Again, be sure to get the 48V DC version.








Important, use a voltage multimeter to verify 48V and positive/negative polarity on all your connections.

First, pop out the 4 torx screws to pull the dash bezel away (the part the Off/R/N/F ignition switch is mounted to.  Behind the panel unplug the connector from the ignition switch.  You’ll clip the yellow wire (constant 48V DC).

Splice that and run one lead to the input of the remote control, and the other to the Positive post on the battery meter.  Use heat shrink tubing over the connection splice to help weather-proof it.

On the secondary harness plug (on mine, nothing was connected, made for EZGO’s plug & play meter) Clip the black (negative) and splice it.  Run one lead to the negative input of the remote control.  Run the other to the Negative post on the battery meter.  Again, use heat shrink tubing over the connection splice for weather-proofing.

Connect the yellow wire (that you previously clipped) going to the ignition switch, attach that to the output of the remote control and the Common (C) terminal of the battery meter.   Remote control negative output will be left disconnected. Refer to the diagram to the left.

Once all connected, the battery meter will illuminate when you activate the fob.  Use the key to select forward/reverse as before.

Full RXV wiring diagram below, your model/year may vary.

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