Aftermarket Stereo Installation – 2006 Toyota Sequoia

Replacing the stock head unit with an aftermarket radio, and in my case I removed the JBL amplifier and wired direct to the door speakers (also being replaced) by using the Metra amp bypass harness.

Required items:

If you’re bypassing the JBL amp:

If you’re keeping the JBL amp:



You’ll need the vehicle kit in order to properly fit your double-din aftermarket stereo into the stock unit location (held in by four 10mm bolts).  Some trimming will be required because this kit is also meant for other vehicles.  Outlined below in red.  Verify fitment before cutting!

I won’t get into wiring the harnesses because there’s too many options, and the wires are all labeled anyway, directions are fairly clear on which wire goes to where.

If you’re going to keep the JBL Amp and continue using the stock 2-ohm door speakers, you’ll need the TYTO-01 interface adapter because the aftermarket head unit will more than likely be rated for 4-ohm speakers.  I was not impressed with this adapter, there’s some weird issue with the fader, and it didn’t sound great – there’s a potentiometer knob so you can adjust the level and I got it dialed in, there was no distortion – it just didn’t sound good. So I opted to remove the JBL amp completely and go with aftermarket speakers.

So if you are going to eliminate the JBL amp, you will use the Metra 70-8117 harness which has about 6 to 8 feet of wire so you can route the connector down beneath the center console to where your amp is located (picture to the right), unplug the speaker connector from the JBL amp and plug in your bypass harness connector.  This effectively bypasses the amp so you can continue to use the wires to the doors without having to run your own.  Going this route you’ll need to replace all four door speakers.  I chose the Kenwood Excelon speakers, they really sound great, and the set for the front include the tweeters and crossovers.

The Excelon speakers include mounting adapter plates which, for the most part fit.

If your head unit includes USB ports, this is your opportunity for a clean USB install and remove the cigarette lighter adapter in lieu of a flush mount USB socket.  The ICESPRING socket fits perfectly in the cigarette lighter port and you can thread the nut on the back fairly easily, then just run the USB cables up the back of the dash to your stereo.  Note which one is USB 1 and USB 2 because some head units only allow for Apple Car Play / Android Auto on only one of those ports.  In my case I installed my Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX from another vehicle and USB 1 is the only port for Car Play.  The 2nd port is where it plug in my 128GB low profile USB memory card with MP3’s (and movies if you are so inclined)



    • The factory speakers I had were already blown and rattle-y, I decided to replace instead of re-foam but the end result with the eXcelon woofers and tweeters sound fantastic! I might add an amp/subwoofer at some point but the woofers are more than adequate for now.

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