AsusWRT 380.68 – Missing Parental Controls and QoS

So you’ve updated to firmware version 380.68 and now you’re missing the Parental Control and QoS tabs.  Don’t despair, they’ve been moved.  And I think you’ll like the improvement in the traffic analyzer and QoS options.

Traffic Analyzer / QOS

First, you have to go into Tools > Other Settings.  Scroll down to ASUS Features, select toggle Enable BWDPI to Yes and click Apply Settings.  Then reboot your router.

After rebooting, log back in and on the left menu column you should now see AiProtection, Adaptive QoS and Traffic Analyzer.

Notice the new bandwidth monitor?  And better graphing per device.  If you select the device icon (not the text name), you’ll get a dropdown showing each protocol currently using bandwidth.

Web History is also new.  The QoS tab in this screen is where you set your limitations (if using B/W Limiter).

See the Highest, High, Medium, Default and Lowest?  You can click and drag each priority category to the devices of your choice to prioritize traffic for Adaptive QoS.  See Asus article on Adaptive QoS here.



Now click on Traffic Analyzer in the menu column, you’ll see the good old Traffic Monitor graph from firmwares past, but click the Statistic tab at the top.

You’ll see the top 5 bandwidth usage devices below the graph, and you can select a category (or App)  to view all devices using bandwidth under the same the same.  (How many kids are watching YouTube or Netflix at once!?)

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And you can choose to display by devices or by Apps (category) along with by date, daily, weekly or monthly views.


Parental Controls

Parental controls (ie: Time Restrictions) have been moved to General > Network Map.  Click the Clients icon and a list of devices will show up in the right hand column along with a search bar at the top.  Click the device name and you will have the option to Block Access, and set time restrictions.

You can also access this by clicking AiProtection and selecting Parental Controls, from here you see that you can block web/app categories such as Adult, P2P and Streaming.  I leave this off and use OpenDNS to handle filtering (DNSFilter at top) on a per-device level.

Click Time Scheduling on the top right and you will see the familiar screen from 380.67.


New in 380.68 – added protection for your network!  Infected Device Prevention and Blocking was of particular interest to me, as well as Malicious Sites Blocking.  Choose Alert Preference and setup your email credentials to receive notifications of infected devices and more!

More will be added to this post when I have further evaluated 380.68.


If this little writeup did help you, please consider making a donation to cover operating expenses.