RainLoop Webmail Active Directory LDAP Integration

RainLoop is a very nice, modern, webmail interface whether you’re self-hosting email or using it to access your company  email account, I found it to be fun and easy to use while still having enough features I need to use it on a regular basis.

When I installed it, I immediately found the “ldap-contacts-suggestions” plugin, which lets you interface with your company LDAP server to pull email addresses for a de-facto global address list (GAL).

What was unclear was how you gain access to interfacing with your LDAP server once the configuration is plugged in.

I won’t get into the “how-to” of installing RainLoop as it’s covered on their website.

Inputting the parameters was pretty simple, two were non-default in my case, objectClass and Name field.  In the plugin settings, I set the following to work between RainLoop on Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows Server 2012 (Note:  Your admin user might differ from Administrator, in some cases you would use OU=Users in the DN, in my case CN=Users worked just fine)

LDAP Hostname: <LDAP Server IP>
LDAP Port: 389
Access dn (login): CN=Administrator, CN=Users, DC=domain,DC=com
Access Password: self explanatory
Users DN Format: CN=Users, DC=domain, DC=com
objectClass value: person
Name field: name
Mail field: mail

That’s it.  Now draft an email, start typing a name in your LDAP directory into the TO line and a dropdown will appear.  As of this post, I haven’t found an “Address Book”, so to speak, where you can browse the entire directory tree.  If you found a method, please comment below!